What is miniEnterprize?

Top business leaders and ambitious students will gather together for a day at the University of British Columbia to exchange knowledge and expand their network. Whether you dream of building your own cooperation or connecting with like minded individuals, the miniEnterprize Youth Entrepreneurship Conference on Saturday, November 30th is the place to be at the Forest Sciences Centre 2424 Main Mall, UBC.


The 2013 Executive Team

Get to know the 2013 miniEnterprize organizing committee.

Find out about the team of 10 from across the lower-mainland that was selected to put together the 2013 conference.

Our Team

Why miniEnterprize?

As the largest conference of its kind in Canada, miniEnterprize is highly regarded as a valuable experience and an opportunity to gain insight to the world of business, a world that affects every aspect of our lives.

miniEnterprize, a subsidiary of Enterprize Canada, aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit within youth, and empower them to take initiative by creating an interactive environment capable of inspiring and nurturing innovative ideas.

The Enterprize Experience

Katrina Ma, Co-President of Enterprize Canada

Ernest Fung, Co-President of Enterprize Canada

“To this day, miniEnterprize is one of the most unique experiences I’ve had. It was the first time I was thrown into the world of commerce and entrepreneurship, and I had the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in business. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business venture; it is a mindset that invites innovation and opportunity. It is not about taking huge leaps of faith into the unknown, but rather, it is about taking calculated risks to achieve a clear vision for the future. miniEnterprize ignited my passion for entrepreneurship, and it has been a pleasure to still be involved with Enterprize years later.” - Katrina Ma and Ernest Fung

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