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Western Canada's Largest & Oldest
Business Case Competition


Since 2008, miniEnterprize has brought together thousands of students to cultivate business literacy among youth.

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Hands-on Learning

We take pride in providing an unparalleled experience for our attendees to strengthen and foster their abilities in case studies, financial literacy, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship– but most importantly, connecting with the world around them and thinking outside the box.


Keeping It Fun

We're sick of boring slideshows the same way you are. With our miniCase, case competition, Networking Opportunity Fair, Virtual Stock Simulator, and "How to Case Competition" video resources, we keep our events stocked full to the brim with fun activities and opportunities.


Building Communities

Our one-day conference is designed to help students succeed in the business world by providing them with an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. There's no better place to bond with friends than in the fast-paced environment offered here.








Prize Pool




of service

Dear Delegates, 


My name is Kelly Zeng, and I am pleased to serve as your Chair for miniEnterprize 2023. On behalf of the Executive team‭ ‬and the Board of Directors, I would like to extend a warm invitation to the fifteenth iteration of miniEnterprize, Western Canada's largest and oldest high-school business case competition, to be held on February 25th, 2023


Since its inception in 2008, miniEnterprize has grown to be a distinguished leader in the business conference community, hosting 14 in-person and virtual conferences, and striving to enhance business literacy for thousands of students in the Greater Vancouver Region. 


During these past months, our executive team has worked tirelessly to provide the best conference experience possible, bringing new hands-on business learning opportunities, including a brand-new case-oriented stock competition and a Linkedin-themed opportunity fair. We want to establish an engaging precedent that inspires students to indulge in simulated business-world affairs while challenging them to extend beyond their comfort zone. Whether that is overcoming the fear of presenting a pitch in front of a panel of judges or learning how to conquer market volatility to succeed in the stocks simulation, miniEnterprize offers many unique ways for attendees to channel their inner entrepreneurial spirit. This year, we will continue to provide interactive workshops led by business industry experts, competition resources such as our "How to Case Competition" video series, and of course, new invigorating case studies that will encourage students to think outside of the box.


Back in grade eight, I attended my first case conference at miniEnterprize, and even to this day, I still remember being immediately captivated by its fast-paced environment. Though I had no idea how to justify recommendations for a company on the verge of bankruptcy, I remember leaving with a genuine fascination for the stories of disruptive entrepreneurs willing to risk it all. Whether you are a seasoned or new competitor, the takeaway is that there are always invaluable lessons to learn at miniEnterprize. I sincerely hope to leave behind the same memorable experience for miniEnterprize 2023, so that when you look back, this case competition will also be a highlight of your high-school career.


Lastly, with the COVID-19 restrictions finally lifted, I'm excited to announce that miniEnterprize 2023 will transition back to an entirely in-person conference a hybrid venue between Robert H Lee and UBC sauder school of business. That said, I strongly urge you to immerse yourself in this wonderful conference wholeheartedly—take risks and persevere through challenges. As future business leaders of tomorrow, let's inspire, innovate, and impact together. 







Kelly Zeng, 


miniEnterprize 2023


Letter From The Chair


Past Iterations

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Meet the Team

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Case Competitions 

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