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Western Canada's Largest & Oldest
Business Case Competition


Since 2008, miniEnterprize has brought together thousands of students to cultivate business literacy among youth.

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Hands-on Learning

We take pride in providing an unparalleled experience for our attendees to strengthen and foster their abilities in case studies, financial literacy, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship– but most importantly, connecting with the world around them and thinking outside the box.


Keeping It Fun

We're sick of boring slideshows the same way you are. With our miniCase, case competition, Networking Opportunity Fair, Virtual Stock Simulator, and "How to Case Competition" video resources, we keep our events stocked full to the brim with fun activities and opportunities.


Building Communities

Our one-day conference is designed to help students succeed in the business world by providing them with an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. There's no better place to bond with friends than in the fast-paced environment offered here.








Prize Pool




of service

Dear Delegates, 


It is the greatest honour to be able to serve as chair and host the 16th iteration of miniEnterprize. On behalf of the executive team and board of directors, we express our immeasurable gratitude to all delegates, sponsors, and all contributors for allowing us to continue hosting miniEnterprize since its inception in 2008. Hence, I am proud to say that miniEnterprize continues to be the largest western Canada's Largest Business Case Competition, encouraging all to study the world of business. 


Throughout the year, the executive team has worked tirelessly to develop and continuously improve this year's iteration of miniEnterprize. We have listened to your feedback from previous iterations and are continually adapting this year's conference to best reflect our delegates' interests. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned veteran in case competitions, our core value has always stayed the same. All attendees will have the opportunity to further indulge themselves in the business world and challenge themselves at our conference. Whether presenting in front of a panel of judges or successfully trading on the market with our stock simulation, each attendee will have the opportunity to channel their own unique entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, miniEnterprize will continue to be the catalyst for learning for future generations with our readily available “How to Case Competition” video series and guides on our website, and our elite selection of workshops led by industry experts at the conference.


My journey into case competition and becoming chair at miniEnterprize is a memory forever treasured. What started as an impulse decision, ignited by encouragement from a passionate teacher bloomed into a deep passion for business. I was merely a grade 10 student when I first registered, at a loss on what a case competition entailed. I remember stumbling inside the Sauder building for the first time, repeatedly questioning myself if I was even capable of participating. Yet, as I took those first few seconds to exhale, I was taken aback as I saw how each workshop, ceremony and presentation were eloquently produced and presented. As for many others, this conference marks the start of my business journey.


I hope all attendees have the chance to make new connections and find opportunities that will spark from this iteration of miniE. Take the same chance I once did to connect further in this industry. Whether creating new everlasting friendships, winning this year's case competition, or learning more about intriguing world business, there is always an opportunity to learn at miniEnterprize. 


Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the executive members. I hope all attendees will be able to experience miniEnterprize to the fullest and on behalf of the entire executive team, we look forward to seeing you all at this year's conference.




Michael Toy,


miniEnterprize 2024


Letter From The Chair


Case Competitions 

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Past Iterations

Find out more about our history and conferences since 2008.

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Meet the Team

Learn more about the Executive Team and the Board of Directors.

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