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Frequently Asked Questions

What is miniEnterprize?

miniEnterprize is western Canada's largest youth oriented business case competition, where we strive to build a community that prepares our attendees to succeed in the world of business since our first inception in 2008. To discover more about our core values, click

What is a business case competition?

A business case compettion enables students to sharpen and diversify their business portfolio in consulting and addressing the complexities of real-world and hypothetical business conflicts. At miniEnterprize, we provide the perfect atmosphere for our attendees to hone their practice in the general world of business, as we aim to help students engage and network with business professionals to further their venture within the industry.

How can I prepare for the conference?

To learn more about our conference details, click

What is the Stock Simulation?

To learn more about our conference details, click

What if I have an incomplete team?

An incomplete team will be paired up with other solo participants at random prior to the conference; having a complete team is not required during registration.

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