Isabela Moise

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Isabela lives as an aspiring student with a passion for business and excellence.  As a rising senior enrolled in the IB programme at Port Moody Secondary School, one of her greatest joys is seizing any opportunity related to entrepreneurship, communications, or academic excellence. This is what first lead her to the realm of business case competitions, with miniEnterprize holding a special place as her very first one! Moving into the final year of her high school career, she has now shifted her vision to sharing her treasured experiences with fellow young entrepreneurs, and cannot wait for the occasion to do so at miniE 2020!

Andy Nguyen

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Andy is a grade 12 student at Port Moody Secondary and is excited to serve as the Co-Vice Chair of miniEnterprize 2020. Ever since his business case competition at miniEnterprize, he has developed a passion for competing, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. He is devoted to contributing to the high school business community by taking part in and promoting various business programs and competitions. During Andy’s free time outside of academics and extracurriculars, he enjoys exploring Vancouver’s diverse cuisines as a typical foodie with his friends as well as binge-watching Netflix’s latest additions. He looks forward to making miniEnterprize 2020 the most memorable iteration yet and to see you there!

Albert Chen

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Albert is a rising grade 12 student enrolled in the IB programme at Port Moody Secondary School and is ecstatic to be serving as Vice Chair at miniEnterprize 2020. Since attending his first business case competition at miniEnterprize 2018, Albert has only further engrossed himself in his passion for business, especially finance. Outside of business case competitions, Albert can be found attending different Model United Nations conferences, playing badminton, working his part-time job, and volunteering with a variety of humanitarian, social justice, and environmental non-profit organizations. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Downtown Vancouver, enjoying different foods, and very rarely, sleeping. Albert looks forward to meeting all delegates and making miniEnterprize 2020 an inspiring and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Lincoln Lee

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Lincoln is a grade 11 student at Port Moody Secondary and is excited to take part in miniEnterprize this year. After a stressful but exhilarating experience at his first case competition, he fit right into the world of business where has since been lucky enough to learn important skills and meet great people. Outside of business, he enjoys playing the guitar, eating out with friends, and listening to political podcasts. He looks forward to seeing MiniE become a huge success!

Taryn Wou

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Residing in the City of Coquitlam, Taryn is a Grade 12 attending Dr. Charles Best Secondary. As a student actively involved in her community, Taryn is always looking to pursue new opportunities to promote personal development and community benefit. Her immediate interests include marketing, graphic design, and psychology, and tying these three areas together greatly enhances her ability to execute creative projects, which is why Taryn is thrilled to serve as the Director of Marketing for miniEnterprize 2020! She also has a passion for entrepreneurship—leading her to participate in a series of business programs and competitions. As an executive on the team and a past participant, Taryn is proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurship in youth and helping them take charge of their own futures.

Geoffrey Xie

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Geoffrey Xie is a senior student attending the International Baccalaureate Programme at Port Moody Secondary School. Ever since beginning his business competition journey in grade 9, he has been captivated by the creativity and complexity of entrepreneurship. Over the past three years, he has participated in everything from case to start-up competitions. His most prominent accomplishment was excelling at the international level by winning all three major categories of the TiE Young Entrepreneurs 2019 global competition. When he is not preparing another slide deck, he can be found procrastinating on his studies by falling into an endless spiral of YouTube videos and Netflix TV series, exploring the culinary scene of Greater Vancouver, and bullying Ellen Li. Geoffrey aims to share the spectacular business case competition experience with prospective delegates and welcomes everyone to miniEnterprize 2020!

Ellen Li

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With miniEnterprize as her first ever case competition, Ellen Li is excited to welcome you all to the conference that ignited her passion for business! As a junior at Crofton House School, Ellen has been involved in the world of business since her sophomore year – as well as debate and Model United Nations. Aside from dedicating herself to making this 2020 iteration of miniEnterprize the best it can be, Ellen can be found attempting to figure out Pre-Calculus 12, bingeing Vox videos on Youtube, and being bullied by Geoffrey. Ellen greatly encourages students across Canada to take a chance on the rigorous realm of business competitions: the friends, experience, and useful job-oriented skills one gains will develop a crucial foundation for the future of youth across the lower mainland. She hopes to see you all at the fast-paced, engaging experience that miniEnterprize promises!

Alison Lee

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Since stumbling upon her first business case competition in grade ten, Alison fell in love with the quick pace and creative freedom of business conferences and is ecstatic to be welcoming you all to miniEnterprize 2020. Currently in her final year at West Point Grey Academy, Alison has been and continues to be heavily involved in speech, debate, and Model United Nations in addition to her involvement in miniEnterprize this year. From day to day, Alison can be found tripping over her two left feet and watching "Tasty" videos in attempts to learn how to cook. Alison believes business competitions are particularly rewarding because of its emphasis on team synergy which encourages participants to develop important skills that are applicable in any career, and hopes to see you in February!

Joyce Chen

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Joyce is a junior at Little Flower Academy and is elated to be serving as the Director of Sponsorships at miniEnterprize 2020—especially since it was at miniEnterprize 2019 that she was first introduced to the enthralling world of case competitions. The lessons she drew from that experience now permeate every facet of her life; not only have they spurred her to recognize the cruciality of innovation, but also her own potential and that of those around her. Entrepreneurial ventures aside, Joyce can often be found at the nearest Starbucks, in a debate round, or—most likely—napping. Above all, she is confident that miniEnterprize 2020 will be the best iteration yet and cannot wait to see you there!

Tom Xu

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Tom is a grade 11 student at St. George's School and is excited to serve as the Director of IT and Media at miniEnterprize 2020. Since attending his first case competition at miniEnterprize 2019, Tom developed a natural affinity with case analysis and other business related topics. This passion in the business field continues to inspire Tom with his decisions and interests. Besides his entrepreneurial endeavours, Tom can be found working as the Head of Design at his school's yearbook club, discovering different cities through travel, or spending his afternoon at the Downtown Starbucks Reserve. Tom is looking forward to meeting all the talented participants at miniEnterprize 2020 and wishes all participants a wonderful experience!

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