Andrea Lui

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Andrea is a senior at Point Grey Secondary and is incredibly honoured to serve as the Chair of miniEnterprize 2022. After engaging as the Director of Human Resources, Conference, and Sponsorship on multiple conferences, she cannot wait to bring even more spirit and passion to this year’s in-person iteration. Coming from the world of competitive speech arts and public speaking, she entered her first business case competition in ninth grade and immediately knew business was her calling. Since then, she has met many welcoming strangers and turned them into a whole “business” family, all sharing the same love as her for entrepreneurship. Whenever she’s not freaking out over college applications, you can find her sipping some tea (*literally and figuratively) or cramming that essay due at midnight. Andrea is heartily waiting to see you at miniEnterprize 2022!



Ara Kwon

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Ara is a senior at Pinetree Secondary and is excited to serve as the Internal Vice Chair for miniEnterprize 2022. She knew business was her passion after participating in her first case competition earlier this year and hopes to continue pursuing her interests in finance and entrepreneurship through miniEnterprize. She encourages high school students to get involved in various conferences and organizations and take every opportunity to discover their own passions. In her free time, Ara enjoys watching Disney movies and trying out new restaurants. Ara is thrilled to meet all the talented individuals at this year’s iteration of miniEnterprize!  


Vivian Gu

Fiona Zhou


Fiona is a senior at Killarney Secondary and is delighted to serve as the Director of Administration at miniEnterprize 2022. Despite the entrance to her first case competition just last year, virtually, she has found how captivating business is to connect like minded individuals and enhancing the love for business and entrepreneurship. Fiona has begun to foster her entrepreneurial skills and understanding of business literacy since her transition to high school, and is now putting her abilities to practice in creating the most memorable iteration of miniEnterprize yet! Aside from business, you can find her smashing birdies on the badminton court, going on foodventures, and binging countless numbers of mando dramas. Fiona cannot wait to meet all of the eager delegates at miniEnterprize 2022!

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Richard Chen


Richard is a junior at St. George’s school and is honoured to serve as the Director of Conference at miniEnterprize 2022.  Ever since attending his first business case competition 2 years ago, Richard's passion for business and finance was ignited and he has attended multiple case competitions since then. Richard hopes to provide the same enjoyable experience he had at miniEnterprize to all delegates. Aside from miniEnterprize, Richard can be found dabbling in the culinary arts while trying to avoid burning down his kitchen, banging a gavel at a local MUN conference, or complaining about his lack of time to complete tasks as he binges yet another Netflix series. Richard is looking forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming iteration of miniEnterprize!

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Kelly Zeng


Currently in Grade 11 at Crofton House School, Kelly Zeng is pleased to serve as the Director of Logistics for Mini-Enterprize 2022. Kelly’s profound passion for the business sector has incentivised her to accumulate a diverse portfolio of many case and investment competitions. Through this process, she has appreciated the comprehensive planning that goes behind every conference, which has allowed her to thoroughly experience every event, from business-oriented workshops that enhance individual passions, to keynote speakers who speak about their passionate journey as an entrepreneur. Outside of her involvement in Mini-Enterprize, Kelly has an affinity for investing in penny stocks, cultivating her Indian trap music playlists, and reading about political philosophy. For the fifteenth iteration of Mini-Enterprize, Kelly looks forward to a remarkable experience for everyone involved.

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Rayan Ramadan


Rayan is a junior at Meadowridge School and is honoured to serve as the Director of IT & Media for miniEnterprize 2022. Though she never expected to explore and pursue business, attending her first business case competition at miniEnterprize 2021 shocked her into a world of entrepreneurship and calculated risk-taking. She aims to take the skills she gained from following her passions in STEM, debate, and robotics, and apply them in helping create an impactful and incredible iteration of miniEnterprize. In her free time, you can find Rayan swimming in the river, going on walks and hikes, and digging for sci-fi novels in online libraries. Rayan is excited to meet all of the talented delegates as they are challenged to create imaginative solutions at this year’s iteration!

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Nicole Wang


Nicole is a senior at Point Grey Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as the Director of Human Resources at miniEnterprize 2022. After competing in miniEnterprize 2020, Nicole has found that her passion lies in entrepreneurship and finance. Being part of the miniEnterprize executive team is an invaluable opportunity for Nicole to pursue her interest as well as to strengthen her management skills. In her free time, Nicole can be found binge-watching kdrama, getting no-sugar bubble tea with her friends, and grinding her school work. Nicole looks forward to meeting all of the talented and passionate delegates at miniEnterprize 2022!

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Asia Mitchell


Asia is a senior at Port Moody secondary and is elated to serve as the Director of Sponsorship for miniEnterprize 2022. Earlier this year she entered the world of case competitions extremely fascinated with the immense opportunities to develop both personal and business skills and chance to develop invaluable and genuine connections. Through miniEnterprize Asia has been able to further develop her passion for the world of business and finance. Apart from case competitions, she can be found discussing politics or writing essays on climate change and sustainability. Asia looks forward to meeting all of the delegates and seeing their creative presentations at this year's iteration!

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Harry Zhu


Harry is a sophomore at St. George’s School and is excited to serve as the Director of Human Resources at miniEnterprize 2022. Ever since attending his first business case competition, he has been captivated by the world of business. Harry aims to provide an unforgettable experience within miniEnterprize 2022 and hopes that many participants will find passion within business as Harry has. Aside from miniEnterprize, Harry can be found at the local MUN conference, talking about delisted stocks, and getting lost around the east side. Harry is delighted to meet everyone in the following iteration of miniEnterprize!

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Chomi Kim


Chomi is a grade 11 student at Prince of Wales Secondary School and is absolutely thrilled to be serving as the Director of Marketing. From her placing second in her first case competition just last year, she fell in love and found her passion to continue her path in business especially in marketing. As she came from the world of competitive performing arts, she is elated to bring her skill assets, and strengthen it as she learns through her journey with miniEnterprize. Apart from that, Chomi owns another side of her. She is regularly found on a hunt for new rap tracks, biking all around Vancouver without a destination, but mostly binge-watching her favourite show “Gilmore Girls”. Chomi is ecstatic to meet all the delegates with their fresh ideas as they also follow their passion.

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