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Meet The Team

Michael Toy.jpg

| Michael Toy


Michael is a senior at Killarney Secondary School and is incredibly honoured to serve as a co-chair of miniEnterprize 2024. What started as an impulse decision, joining miniE back in 2022 as an attendee, clueless of what a case competition was, bloomed into a profound passion for business. He vividly remembers his time as an attendee, narrowly finishing his last slide of his presentation and presenting it out of breath with mere seconds away from disqualification. That rush he felt further propelled his interest in business, serving as a past executive at miniE and advocating to his peers to venture into the world of business. Outside of miniEnterprize, Michael is seen exploring vancouver for many for hours deemed foolish by his peers, scrolling through TikTok until he sleeps and trying to sing songs that are way above his range. Michael is eager to bring upon a new iteration of miniE and welcomes all attendees to an experience filled with learning and competition!

Emily Su.jpg

| Emily Su


Emily is a junior at Crofton House School and is honored to serve as a co-chair of miniEnterprize 2024. Her passion for the business world was kindled by her first case competition at miniEnterprize 2020, which inspired her to pursue an entrepreneurial journey of her own. Through this conference, she has gained the invaluable experience of working with determined peers to develop creative and impactful ideas. Outside of miniEnterprize, Emily can be found crafting another revolutionary product for her small business, attempting to try a new baking recipe, or being immersed in a dystopian novel while sitting in the corner of her couch. Emily looks forward to inspiring others with an unforgettable experience at the best iteration of miniEnteprize.

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| John Wu


A senior at Fraser Heights Secondary, John is honoured to serve as the Director of Administration for this iteration of miniEnterprize. Ever since logging into a virtual judging room some three years ago with severe doubts about the intelligence of whoever chose the case, he has never been able to extricate himself from the dynamic, fulfilling, and fascinating world of business. The countless weekends spent on this activity over the years have granted him an eye for financial analysis, an unfortunate propensity to take Accounting 12, and some of his most cherished memories—he trusts that this iteration will have a similar impact for every attendee. Outside of miniEnterprize, he can be found hiking at unfortunate times, hopelessly attempting to land an airplane, or stunning his math teacher with how much time he can spend on collecting useless trivia instead of actually completing his homework. John is beyond excited to see you all for a captivating competition in February!

Copy of DSC_0676.jpg

| Caleb Jang


Caleb is a senior at Stratford Hall School and is ecstatic to serve as the Director of Conference at miniEnterprize 2024.  Ever since his first conference in 2022, Caleb’s passion and interest for the dynamic, intricate and invigorating world of case competitions has grown.  These conferences have also inspired his exploration of the finance, entrepreneurship and economics fields, meeting lifelong friends along the way.  Outside of miniEnterprize, Caleb can be found exploring new parts of Vancouver on his bike, finding new ramen restaurants with his friends and trying the latest recipes he finds on tik tok.  Caleb is excited to meet you all and hopes to create an unforgettable business experience that inspires you in the same way these conferences have shaped him.

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joanna xu.jpg

| Joanna Xu


Joanna is a senior at Gleneagle Secondary School and is excited to serve as the Co-Director of Human Resources at miniEnterprize 2024. From frantically running around the UBC campus in 2019, aligning text blocks with a laptop in hand to working with like-minded individuals on the executive team in 2024, miniEnterprize ignited her passion for business and fostered unparalleled personal growth. Joanna is so grateful for the opportunities miniEnterprize has inspired and how the conference has empowered her professionally. Beyond miniEnterprize, you can find Joanna embarking on gastronomic adventures, dancing at electronic music concerts, and flying her little drone around Vancouver for the best captures. miniEnterprize had such a meaningful impact on Joanna, and she hopes to bring the same welcoming and exhilarating experience to this iteration. She is looking forward to meeting everyone on-site, and feel free to reach out!

Yasmin Kahkesh .jpeg

| Yasmin Kahkesh


Entering her sophomore year at Crofton House School, Yasmin is honored to serve as the Co-Director of Human Resources at miniEnterprize 2024. Ever since attending her first business case competition, Yasmin’s passion for the intricacies of finance, business, and innovation has only grown. Yasmin hopes to engage both novice and experienced attendees in all that miniEnterprize has to offer. Outside of miniEnterprize, Yasmin can be found passing and hitting volleyballs, chatting with friends, and consuming copious amounts of dim sum. Yasmin looks forward to meeting all the participants in miniEnterprize this year, and looks forward to making this the best iteration yet.

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| Hailey Huynh


Hailey is a senior attending Killarney Secondary School and is beyond ecstatic to serve as the Director of It & Media for miniEnterprize 2024. After having attended miniEnterprize 2023 as her first case competition, she was captivated by the bustling thrill and excitement of working alongside like-minded individuals to propose her eccentric, and yet innovative ideas to the table. Despite frantic improvisation amidst her presentation while simultaneously battling the knick of time, miniEnterprize has enabled her to further venture into her career of commerce. Oftentimes, Hailey can be found indulging in a variety of films or works of literature, growing her love-hate relationship with physics, and developing new products to add to her shop. Hailey looks forward to hosting this year’s iteration in hopes to create a remarkable experience for all attendees!

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| Eric He


Eric is a senior at Pacific Academy and is currently completing his International Baccalaureate Diploma. He is honored to serve as the Director of Logistics for miniEnterprize 2024. After attending his first miniEnterprize Case Competition as an inexperienced 11th grader, Eric became enthralled in the fascinating world of business and case competitions. In his free time, he can be found blasting his favorite SoundCloud artists, thrifting for hidden gems, and cramming for his exams. Eric believes miniEnterprize 2024 will be just as exciting and unforgettable as the previous competitions and looks forward to meeting everyone!

Asia Au-Yeung.heic

| Asia Au-Yeung


As she enters her senior year at New Westminster Secondary School, Asia is honored to serve as the Director of Marketing at miniEnterprize 2024. miniEnterprize served as a catalyst for her journey into case competitions, igniting her passion for the business world. The leap into the world of business competitions was nothing short of daunting. From presenting her first marketing proposal during miniEnterprize 2021, to assuming a leadership role within the miniEnterprize executive team, she stands here today humbled by the honor to foster a vibrant community of business case enthusiasts amongst high school students in the lower mainland. Beyond her commitments to miniEnterprize, Asia channels her energy into dance, crafting innovative choreographies within the studio. Asia can also be seen embarking on new art projects within her room. Furthermore, she can be seen exploring Vancouver with friends, and seeking out new experiences. Asia's hope is that miniEnterprize 2024 will help students emerge transformed, whether this be through lasting friendships, or a newfound appreciation for the intricate realm of business case dynamics like the conference was for herself and hopes that miniEnterprize will inspire you, like it did her.

Oscar Li.jpg

| Oscar Li


Entering his sophomore year at St. George’s School, Oscar Li is jubilant to serve as the Director of Sponsorship at miniEnterprize 2024. After attending miniEnterprize 2023, his first-ever case competition, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Oscar discovered a newfound passion for business as he timidly presented his first case analysis; from this, he was enchanted by the rare experience of working with similarly passionate individuals who aspired to push themselves to their best, together contributing their complementary skills to form an innovative, realistic, and ultimately attainable product. Indeed, Oscar will never forget the chaotic thrills from the case competition, from desperately editing unfinished slides as time ran out, to improvising nonsensical answers to unexpected judging questions. Outside of miniEnterprize, one can find Oscar grinding to create his own small business, weaving tales through short stories, and battling embarrassing voice cracks in singing attempts. As the 16th Iteration of miniEnterprize nears, Oscar profoundly wishes for all attendees to immerse themselves in the world of business.

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