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Meet The Team


| Kelly Zeng


Kelly Zeng is a senior at Crofton House School and is incredibly honored to serve as the Chair of miniEnterprize 2023. To say that miniEnterprize is the catalyst for cultivating her business passion is an understatement. Through this conference, she has gained the unparalleled experience of working with like-minded, ambitious individuals who strive to maximize their ‘innovative edge’ by compiling their business savvy strengths and comprehensive planning skills. Kelly still recalls the nostalgic thrill of competing in her first case conference–frantically extrapolating pages of financial statements–and rushing to refine the pitch minutes before finalist presentations. Outside of miniEnterprize, Kelly can be found enjoying a delicious meal of hotpot, attempting to beat the market with not-so-promising trades, and mastering inadequate accents for her next drama scene. Though miniEnterprize 2023 marks a temporary end to Kelly’s case competition journey, she looks forward to making this year the best iteration yet. 

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| Chomi Kim


Chomi is a senior at Prince of Wales Secondary School and is incredibly thrilled to be serving as the External Vice Chair of miniEnterprize 2023. Ever since the beginning of her journey into business 2 years ago, she has grown an immense passion for marketing and entrepreneurship and has been able to further develop her skills through many opportunities. Most importantly, miniEnterprize has had the greatest influence on her by helping her acknowledge all the extensive planning that goes on behind the scenes of business conferences.  Whenever she is not working with talented individuals of the miniEnterprize Executive Team, Chomi can be found on an endless hunt for the best oat milk lattes in Vancouver, as well as playing basketball, and carefully measuring the vegan food market growth. Chomi is so ecstatic to meet all of the delegates and see their innovative presentations at this year's iteration!


| Richard Chen


Entering his senior year at St. George’s School, Richard is honoured to serve as an Internal Vice Chair at miniEnterprize 2023. Ever since attending miniEnterprize 2020, Richard’s passion for business and finance has only grown. Richard hopes to provide the same rewarding experience he received at previous miniEnterprize to all participants. Outside of miniEnterprize, Richard can be found attempting to create the perfect burger, banging a gavel at a local MUN conference, or hitting the buzzer right on time at quiz bowl tournaments. As February draws nearer, Richard looks forward to meeting all participants of miniE 2023 and hopes to make this iteration the best one yet.

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| Rayan Ramadan


A rising senior at Meadowridge School, Rayan is delighted to serve as an Internal Vice Chair at miniEnterprize 2023. Though she never expected to explore and pursue business, attending her first business case competition at miniEnterprize 2021 shocked her into a world of entrepreneurship and calculated risk-taking. She hopes to be able to use the various skills she accumulated through business case conferences in her future scientific pursuits. In her free time, Rayan can be found scavenging for online sci-fi/academia novels, haphazardly testing random pasta recipes, and swimming in nearby rivers and lakes. Rayan is excited to meet all of the delegates as they are challenged to create imaginative solutions at this year’s iteration, and hopes to make this the best iteration of miniEnterprize yet!

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| Richard Min


Richard Min is a senior at Burnaby North Secondary and is delighted to serve as the Director of Administration for miniEnterprize 2023. While he has attended most of the case competitions British Columbia has to offer, miniEnterprize will forever hold a special place in his heart as the conference that kindled his passion for business. From rapidly flipping through pages of a case with talented peers to meticulously ensuring that a presentation remains on time, there is nothing quite like the case competition experience. Outside of miniEnterprize, you can find Richard leisurely editing MUN backgrounders, swinging swords, and creating cadenza-heavy piano improvisations. Richard looks forward to yet another unforgettable experience at this upcoming iteration and cannot wait to meet everyone in February.

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| Owen Hu


Owen is a senior at Burnaby North and is honoured to be serving as the Director of Conference for miniEnterprize 2023. After attending miniEnterprize 2022⁠—his first in-person case competition⁠—Owen was captivated by the fast-paced preparations, oftentimes in a race against time; the exhilarating presentations, usually without any prior rehearsal; and feeling his heart flutter as finalist teams were announced, patiently waiting for the hope of it all. Outside of miniEnterprize, Owen can be found getting lost on Google Maps, losing at mahjong games, and refining his rendition of “Sparkle” from Your Name on the piano. Owen looks forward to a dynamic day for all participants daring enough to explore the non-spectator world that is business at miniEnterprize 2023!

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| Yirui Tao 


Yirui is a senior at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School and is delighted to be serving as the Director of Human Resources for miniEnterprize 2023. Her interest in the business field sparked from entrepreneurship—since, she has avidly welcomed occasions to broaden her knowledge and deepen her passion. Through its unique features, miniEnterprize offers an immersive experience in the multifaceted business sector, providing thrilling and informative events throughout the conference. In her free time, she can be found baking banana bread, working on a new crochet project, or exploring the outdoors. Yirui sincerely looks forward to an exhilarating and illuminating day at miniEnterprize 2023! 


| Emily Su


Emily is a sophomore at Crofton House School and is honoured to serve as the Director of Human Resources for miniEnterprize 2023. Although miniEnterprize 2020 was her first case competition, she has developed a penchant for the fast-paced environment the business world has to offer ever since. Emily has grown to enjoy the moments of relief when a recommendation finally comes to mind and the moments of stress when finalizing a presentation. This burning passion has driven her to explore more about entrepreneurship, finance, and economics. Beyond miniEnterprize, Emily can be found throwing a javelin in the middle of a track stadium to channel her energy, managing her own small business, or losing sleep over lengthy debate tournaments. Whether it is your first case competition, or if you are a business veteran, Emily hopes to bring a phenomenal experience filled with long-lasting memories to all attendees.

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| Michael Toy


Michael Toy is a student at Killarney Secondary and is enthusiastic to be serving as Director of IT & Media for miniEnterprize 2023. After being encouraged to attend miniEnterprize 2022 by his peers, his passion for business was further ignited. He reveled in the critical thinking and presentation-based environment, remembering when he had to frantically rush over to present his case study after barely finishing the last slide of his presentation. He has learned a lot from that experience, allowing him to improve his collaboration and time management skills further. When he is not procrastinating over unfinished homework, you can find him tutoring his peers with math, sipping bubble tea, and going on long walks around Vancouver. Michael is eager to welcome all new and returning attendees to an unforgettable experience at miniEnterprize 2023.


| Eric Pan


Pan ZhiYuan is a senior at Mulgrave School and is ecstatic to be serving as the Director of Logistics for miniEnterprize 2023. He decided to attend two of miniEnterprize’s past conferences due to his immense passion for business and finance. Through his experience at these conferences, he has developed skills in the area of teamwork, organization, and communication. These skills have helped him strive for the IB diploma. Besides losing sleep over the IB system, you can find him trading, fencing, and working at his internship.


| Bobo Lyu


Bobo is a senior at Crofton House School and is thrilled to serve as the Director of Marketing for miniEnterprize 2023. After competing in her first case competition at miniEnterprize 2020, she is captivated by the wonders of business and strives to combine her passion for business and art through marketing. Bobo, specifically, enjoyed the process of working together with her teammates to arrive at an innovative solution; this unprecedented experience made her more determined to join the executive team. Other than miniEnterprize, Bobo enjoys her free time by painting random objects, playing with her cat, and enjoying nature. Bobo hopes to create a memorable experience for everyone attending miniEnterprize 2023 and looks forward to meeting everyone there! 

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| Sabrina Chio

Sabrina is a senior at Crofton House School and is honoured to serve as the Director of Sponsorships for miniEnterprize 2023. Ever since attending her first case competition with miniEnterprize, Sabrina has been bewitched by the intense and volatile atmosphere that delegates choose to immerse themselves in. She has developed a deep appreciation for the connections she has made over shared light-bulb moments and impending meltdowns that never quite spills over. Apart from miniEnterprize, Sabrina can be found inhaling hefty amounts of fruits, dragging a friend for a run, and indulging in her mother’s superstitions. Sabrina looks forward to welcoming everyone at miniEnterprize 2023 and hopes all delegates get to experience that special swell of pride at the end of the day!

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